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Housing near BSD? (Jakarta)

Hi Guys,

I recently joined this website and it looks very informative, as I can see that there is a lot of helpful people here...

I am waiting for an offer, to be based in Jakarta and most probably, I will accept.

May I ask your opinions for housing for a family, with 9-month old daughter of mine and my wife?

Looks like my office will be in BSD, but I am not sure if that is a good choice to be the near the office, while my wife and daughter will be at home all day? I was planning to go to city center for them (near the malls at least), and I will be traveling for work.

What do you think?

And also, your suggestions to look for the pricing (any renting websites) will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance & looking forward to meeting you guys in the get togethers.


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