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issue a credit card in Indonesia (Jakarta)

Hi all,

i am not a that fan of a credit card though,
wondering if there is someone has a credit card issued in Indonesia.

As my colleagues made a debit card (Bank Mandiri) for me and it was okay so far though, when i wanted to add payment on applications like Uber/ Grab, that I use often, a credit card is only reqired.
(By the way, actually, i've asked to Uber support already the issue above, 'cause i used to use my debit card for Uber, but suddenly it hasn't accept.)

Plus, i tried to register a fitness center and they asked me to pay by a credit card (not a debit card) issued only in Indonesia, not in my country (yes, it is Visa though).
Fair enough, cause i also don't want to pay dollar instead of rupiah and somewhat commission..

I thought, i don't need one more credit card, but... maybe.... is it better to issue one in Indonesia? please advise me, if you have one or none ;)
Thanks in advance,


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