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Jakarta Economy

The Ministry of Finance Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) plans to access multiple personal accounts in Indonesia. Because the Tax Directorate received a report from Bank Indonesia, there are 180,000 who have savings accounts over USD 2 billion.

Director of Counseling Services and Public Relations Directorate General of Taxation, Kismantoro Peter explains of 180,000 accounts, it should be checked whether they regularly pay taxes or not.

"That accounts of rich people that should be observed whether it really meets their tax obligations," said Kismantoro, Tuesday (08/11/ Protected content .

Kismantoro explained, in accessing personal accounts 180,000, the Directorate General of Taxes can easily obtain the information rather than access to the entire Indonesian population accounts. Because of the personal accounts has 180,000 savings by the number outside the community average.

"We're looking for the easy potential, rather than seeking than Protected content people (the population of Indonesia)," said Kismantoro.

To be able to access a private account, the Tax Directorate is still waiting for the decision of the House of Representatives (DPR). Until now the Parliament is still brewing revision of the Banking Act which regulates the Tax Directorate can check a person's financial accounts. Chances are they will be implemented in the year Protected content , after the new tax bill passed the House. (Adiatmaputra Fajar Pratama)

Source: Directorate General of Taxation.
~ President of the Swiss bank will say that the SNB's Jordan powered n prepared outlets to engage in currency intervention if needed, he wants more USD CHF weakened from time-to time-out.

For carousel they stabilise the financial markets if the provocation from North Korea or other risk2 including FED tightening and instability in China increased.

~ If weaker RM Malay Malay continuing then going back deplete foreign exchange cad who now USD 97M lowest since Protected content , beginning yr cad exchange Malay recorded USD 116m, down 20% added especially sharp political crisis with Mega scandal in IMDB reply Malay PM Razak involved because refuse to retreat.

~ The stock market is waiting for a miracle rise because in JCI few day then great pushed and loss @ Protected content .

The market responded negatively feud dtubuh new cabinet, until jittery market due to the economic slowdown.

The weakening of the stock market almost whole regional happen in Asia and Europe following the record results of the meeting of US FED worry still in low rate of inflation and devaluation of the currencies of China, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

Prediction JCI will moved in around 4,403 ~ 4,480.

~ The easing speculation timeout FED rate hike in Sept managed to lift the gold price.

According to analysts the strengthening of the gold collapsible live long enough time-out if the FED pp ensure a Real raising interest rates, gold fundamentals alert but can't be say improved.

Many gold purchases by Russia and Kazakstan with total nett purchase Protected content this quarter.
gold price forecast to USD 1,100 ~ 1,125.

~ IMF to postpone its decision YUAN Inc. In SDR until Oct Protected content .

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