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KITAS and Passport Renwal Query (Jakarta)


Hello, i have a problem that some of you may have encountered before so i was wondering if you could advise.

here are the facts

1. I have a 12 month KITAS that has to be renewed in May Protected content
2. I have a UK Passport that expires on 27th March Protected content
3. To renew the KITAS i must have at least 12 months left on my Passport.

When i returned home to UK over Xmas i made an appointment with UK Passport office to do a 1 Day turn round Passport renewal but when i arrived they told me that when they issue you with a new 10 year passport the old one is cancelled. They were extremely vague and un cooperative to give me advise on what then happens to the attached KITAS in the old Passport. Obviously it was no good me taking the gamble and returning to Indonesia with a lovely new Passport and then being told at Jakarta that the KITAS and New Passport are NOT linked.

I know that i do need to renew my passport regardless sooner than later knowing that even by applying for it over here it will be sent back to UK, but just need to be pointed in the right direction by somebody who has been thro this before.

I am sure this does happen to a lot of people.

Many thanks

Lawrence Eccleston

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