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New Zealand PIE (Jakarta)

Hi All, I have been here in Jakarta for 6 months now.

I wasn't sure what I would actually make so I just did what most kiwi’s do and jump right in! If I didn’t start I probably never would.

So I built a small commercial kitchen and just started baking stuff. I ended up baking pies. After 4 months we specialize in New Zealand Pies, cakes and slices. The menu is small but grows every Protected content . Basically NZ style comfort food.
The pies come in a variety of flavors along with cakes, slices and Brownie. We bake to order each day and also accept requests if you are missing something special from home.

I am finding my way around Jakarta on my motorbike and could do with a few pointers from some cafe fans as to what would work here, so feel free to say hi. I intend to build a cozy café somewhere in Jakarta focusing on good coffee and NZ comfort food :)

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