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No spams - A scam, date request, chat request? (Jakarta)

Щ(̾˘̶̀̾̾Д˘̶́̾ ̾̾̾щ'̾̾)̾
Few days ago, I got a private message (pm) in my Internations inbox from a lady who was asking about a guy. She sent me a pm because this guy was in my network. She was afraid that this guy is a scam, and she told me she likes him but wanted to do some checking about this guy.

Within a month, this guy had changed his community and company name many times, and sent Protected content requests in a day (most of them are ladies).

Recently, a lady had shared her story to me that she got a date request but she rejected that request then the guy asked her to set a date with one of her friends.

Share your experiences, tips and tricks to stop them (tips and tricks to do it are also welcome so we can find some workarounds/cracks for your tips/tricks :p)

Maybe your tips and tricks are not perfect but I appreciate your willingness to share it here.

Nobody is perfect, there's always a crack in our a**. (♒˙⌣˙♒)

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