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Pediatric Neurology (Jakarta)

Hello All,

My husband and I are considering a move to Jakarta (Lippo Village) from the US. He has been interviewing with the potential job, and since we have four little kids I have so many questions. But here are the most important to me

1) pediatric neurology - Our second child has febrile sezures and visits the pediatric neurologist every six months. Also prescribed Oxcarbezapine. Does anyone here have children with seizures? How can I learn if her medication is available over there? Anyone have a doctor they'd recommend?

2) pediatrician - Is the routine fairly similar to the States? Well visits are scheduled every few months as infants, then once a year after the first or second year? Anyone have a doctor they'd recommend? Should we expect to be sick a ton our first year, if we make this move?

Thanks so much!

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