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Sell Property in Indonesia (Jakarta)

PLEASE if you can help…

An Indonesian who lives in Europe for many years and needs to sell now property in Indonesia, what is the simplest, easiest way to do it at this time of the pandemic, bearing in mind that:

- For many years till now, as a foreign resident after leaving Indonesia, there was no obligation and no personal tax assessment was submitted in Indonesia, and that
- The property was bought many years ago, before leaving Indonesia, when working there as an employee, when also there was no obligation under the law to submit personal tax return at the time (only the employer company was deducting and paying the required tax for the employees)

- In order to sell property in Indonesia a tax number is needed maybe, also for Indonesians not resident in Indonesia?
- Is the Tax Amnesty Protected content PPS) now in effect applicable to Indonesians not resident in Indonesia also, when they have no obligation to submit tax returns in Indonesia? And if yes, what do they need to do to be able to sell their property without any problems?

So, PLEASE can you help, to answer these questions now and kindly advise –

How, at this time of the COVID-19 crisis, the property in Indonesia can be sold in the simplest, easiest way, without complications as far as possible, when the Indonesian owner is not resident in Indonesia for so many years, and what to do for the tax issues above, if they apply for Indonesians not living in Indonesia too?

Do you have any practical ideas or experience? Who can HELP PLEASE…

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