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Thanks being my friend (Jakarta)

Am a part of this IN since almost a year now. It really changed my thought about such social sites. I have got so many friends thru this site who are like family to me.
Thanks to Ian for creating a whats app chat group which could give a feel of being a part of the family here.
During this last one year i have seen so many ups and downs in my life and i always find all of this group's members by my side like friends, like brothers,like sisters and like a family.
I can not even express my thanks to all of them and the kind of supports they gave me whole during this year. All of them have their won good and bad qualities in them and seriously i enjoy with them. never ever felt lonely being away from my own country.
I dont care which religion they are, which countries they belong to, they are just FRIENDS and FAMILY to me now.
For me "love " is making someone witness to your life and they really made me realize that once again. LOVE YOU ALL .
Just though of sharing my feelings and did that here .
I just can say" Thanks being my friends"
Dale- My fav doc, A really true human being . No party is great without him.
Gio- My sir for ever and a father figure to me always. Feel so comfortable and secure in his presence or when he is around.
Hitesh- A through gentle man and a kind hearted man, a real true guide. Proud to know him.
Ian- his smile can make you calm and can make you feel your presence when ever you meet him.
Cap Ken- Sober, Unique and the handsome captain
Ray- Cute,Dashing handsome and loveable
Peili- Funny, helpful and charming
Jethro- Knowledgeable, charming, peaceful, guide. when he is around , any one can feel his presence.
Riani- the green eye beauty, charming
Lita- Smiling, Beautiful and strong
Baby- baby baby, Die hard fighter, strong, Never say die, my fighting friend
Pieter- My bro, I cant express what he meant to me.
Pancham- Miss him always, Happy to know him and always wait to see him again.
Deepak- The wine guy (joking), a good friend and undoubtedly handsome
Margarita- hahahaha, famous for her merlish. kind heart
Cap Rick- Cute, handsome with a killing smile
Mayko- A real good friend, kind, sober and a real gentleman
Che che- My che che lele, A sober fighter, Silence but strong
Iraaaaa- My fav chef and my lovable friend. Always going round round the world.
Dr. Ivon- My great sis. Cutie pie, helpful and so charming always.
Chintya- Oh my Chin, hahahha. She understands me a lot. strong, sober, and of course gorgeous
Inkara- Without doubt beautiful,nice and though we have never met,i still find a very cute friend as her.
Indah- My fav Mall, lovable, cute. Lets fight, lets dance.
Vero- Vroom vroom. i feel so secured when she is around. The more i write,the more i wanna write about her. She has always been around me as a shield. Just love the way you are vroom vroom. Honored to have a friend like her.
Riri- I wish i can get some portion of her height, smile. she is just soooooo sweet. Waiting for another hug. no not hug but hugssssss
Harly- She is my cute sis, one day she will surely come to jakarta to meet us all. Miss you Harly.
Inge- Where are you ? meet soon charming cute lady.
Hilly- I am always her second b f. hahaha. but she is always my first crush. hahahahah
Ami- Ya ya , my senorita.
Cherie- Cute, Charming, Lovable but over all soooooooo cute.

I know its difficult for me to write about all i know but yes i am proud of all of them. There are so many others whom i have not met or met and they always live in memory and always wanna meet them again and again. I am sorry if any words of mine hurt any one.

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