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turn the tables (Jakarta)

Hi, anyone interested in fortune and trying luck? Its about a painting which I got few years ago and now its time to handover to someone who deserves it. The painting has its sphere to serve you for couple of years from the day you own it, and goes neutral after 2 years, sounds uncanny but actually it’s not. You must handover the painting to deserve one (not just to your relatives or friends) or else the fortune it brought to you in two years may invite reverse affects. Make sure you don’t give this to first blood, spouse or children. It’s really important for you to know that ‘The deserver who is expecting a miracle in life but not happen to him or her in years.’ I did not believe it at first when I was told when receiving it. I kept it for almost 3 years and felt that third year went not really meaningful subsequent to two incredible years. So I personally feel that it’s time to handover art to someone right there. It does not cost anything but who will own it, must provide something honestly from his heart to any charitable trust associated with abandoned children to make this work. Make sure that offering really means something to you because it should be a tough and an affective sacrifice, not an easy and pleasant giving. That’s the only thing that artwork ask for to bring providence to your life. It’s not a trick so stay away from any deception, it may wound you either. Save the conditions and handover to a right one with the artwork. I don’t know the history and encyclopedia of the painting so please do not expect me to answer any further. I wrote whatever I know about this. Who made it, how it works, what if broken or torn, how many owned it, is it magical, what if one doesn’t follow the rules? All these questions will remain unanswered. Do you think you are the next?
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