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What is in Town Talk....? (Jakarta)

I have been a member of IN since Protected content various countries and this year I am glad I could be part of IN Indonesia. Yet, I am not that often open the website due to my work and this time I am in my break time and in purpose I spare my time to look around Internations Jakarta, Surabaya as well as Denpasar. Fortunately and unfortunately, I am located none of those cities.

I said "fortunately" because I live in lovely town, the most friendly mentality of society I ever live in. I said "unfortunately", there is no Internations activities done in my town, especially the events !

In the past, I could stay for hour in front of Protected content just reading the forum, especially "town talk" where we could really read issues where all the members contributed in finding solution, About nature, environment, culture, human behavior, tips/advice and many interesting topics and even it was written, the forum was quite interesting to break the boring.

I just notice or I didn't go to deep to the forum of IN Indonesia but mostly I find here is ads in various kind of narration about anything such as social life, while we also have market place, jobs and house.

I am wondering if is it the rule that the forum is only contain an ads or nobody interested in rising up a topic connected with daily life ?

Thank you in advance for your respond.

Wish you have a good day.

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