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Work near Taman Anggrek / Live in Golden Triangle? (Jakarta)

Hi guys,

We will be moving to Jakarta in a couple of weeks and I will be working reasonably close to Taman Anggrek and the office has suggested living in Taman Anggrek or Central Park, however I also need to consider it for my wife. As her line of work will see her working with the Expat community (mostly females and also expecting mums-to-be). So I know there is a massive community down south, so my 3 questions are:

1/ Is living in Golden Triangle doable if I work near Taman Anggrek? I did the cab ride last week from Sudirman to Hotel Ciputra in less than 25mins, so was wondering if that was a fluke?

2/ Will living in Golden Triangle be reasonably central for both of us - Me going up to near Taman Anggrek and my wife possibly (non-peak hour time periods) going to central and south Jakarta (if that is where a lot of female expats live)

3/ Does anyone live at Taman Anggrek, any good? What about Central Park, any better?


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