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A Couple of Notes on Jeddah Events

Hey folks, so we've been getting some questions about Jeddah events, and we wanted to address them:

## Why aren't there more events?

Jeddah has been proving difficult with venues, but we've been pushing. We're working on growing the Jeddah IN team and bringing you more events. This is our top priority and we hear you loud and clear.

That said, we need to be careful as we are in a conservative society, so events have to proceed with more reserve than they would in other places. This is a bit of a culture shock to many, and we get that. What we're doing is aiming to find appropriate venues and increase the frequency, if not size, of events, to find a happy middle.

## Why are organizers asking for ID copies?

Organizers need ID copies to pass on to venues, like compounds, for clearance. It's inconvenient, we realize, but it's a necessary measure to avoid problems at entry time when venues can be strict about who they're allowing in.

It should be noted that only organizers or people they appoint should be asking you for your ID. If you're not sure who you're giving your ID to, call the local ambassador at Protected content , or contact the consul of the activity you're planning to attend.

## Looking Forward: "Glow in the Dark"

I hope we've addressed some of your concerns in the above, and I'm über excited about coming events. Check out Abdul Azeem's awesome-looking "Glow in the Dark" get together at Protected content


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