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Concerns about moving to Saudi Arabia/ Jeddah

Dear InterNations members,
I'm a German national with Arabic origin. I've been living and working in Germany for the past 19 years and have recently received an offer from a Saudi company in Jeddah. The offer is a lucrative one; however, I'm having some concerns regarding the culture and lifestyle differences. Although I have very strong arabic roots but the long time I spent in Germany has had its influence on me. Furthermore, I have only been in Jeddah once for 3 days and can't really say that I'm a good judge. Currently having cold feet!
Here are some of my concerns and really hope that you can help me out.
1. (asking on my wife's behalf) What are the chances for women to find employment in Jeddah. My wife also has the german nationality and is of arabic origin.
2. We have a toddler who will be 2 years soon. What is the quality of nurseries/ day care schools in Jeddah. Are there good international ones?
3. Outside of the nursery, what kind of activities are available for small children. We have a very demading beautiful little kid who always needs to be challenged.

Really looking forward to benefit from your experience and insight!

cheers, Yaseen

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