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Considering the leap! (Jeddah)


Good day everyone.
I have been offerred a post in the Taif area, working for a defense contractor. Although interested in the job, I have several concerns I would like to bounce off you.
1. Initially, I would come alone so my son could finish high school in Canada. Due to having residential ties in Canada, my pay would be taxable in Canada at the regular 36% rate. This would mean a 50% increase in take home pay compared to my present situation, but I am worried my expenses would chew it all up in Saudi. My prospective employer offers free housing, utilities and medical coverage. What about my food expenses, cell phones, car, etc... Is that stuff expensive in the Taif area?
2. I love the outdoors. Is it too hot to take advantage of cheaper recreation, like hiking, in that area?
3. I am an avid motorcyclist. I understand riding in cities is very hazardous, but what about dirt bikes in the hills?
4. Is there reasonable freedom of internet or is everything monitored? Netflix?
5. Does anyone know where Dyncorp employees live in the Taif area? Is it nice?

I realize that is a lot! Thank you for helping inform me, in advance, I do appreciate it.


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