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Dissolvable Tiny-Foamed Fire Extinguisher (Jeddah)

1. Eco-friendly, toxic-free

2. Dissolved without dynamic devices

3. Heat reducing

4. No re-combustion

5. Biodegradable to organic compound.
D.T.E. chemicals can also be used on large-scale firefighting air planes, firefighting efficiency, reduce reignited combustion of a fire, and reduce the frequency of air plane field trips, thereby reducing firefighting costs.

Ocean liner / cargo ship firefighting D.T.E. chemicals can be used as additives in ocean liner / cargo ship firefighting system, to ensure better firefighting efficiency to protect the safety of ocean-faring vessels.Building fire extinguishing system D.T.E chemicals can be used in automatic water sprinkler systems, as well as all types of automatic or semi-automatic systems as fire extinguishing chemicals, and provide non-toxic and non-corrosive, clean fire extinguishing effects to the human body and electrical household appliances.Buildings and public places Application to special facilities

Oil well / oil field D.T.E. chemicals can quickly reduce temperature at a fire scene in minimised period of time; thereby effectively tackling the problem of a fire that is not so easy to put out, such as a fire involving petrochemicals.

Harbour firefighting Use of D.T.E. chemicals for harbour firefighting purposes cause absolutely no pollution to the ocean, and involve no risks of secondary pollution.

Fire truck D.T.E. chemicals conform to specifications of standard containers of additives in fire truck water hosing system, and can be used in combination with firefighting water tanks to increase firefighting efficiency.

Forest firefighting D.T.E. chemicals have non-toxic and non-re combustible characteristics are quite suitable for the natural environment with large areas, such as forests and hills, and will not result in pollution to the environment and soil because of the firefighting process.

Airport runway D.T.E. chemicals can completely replace the chemicals spreading on a runway in case of a crash landing, to prevent fire sparks, and provide more efficient heat reduction and combustion inhibiting characteristics.

Ammunition depot D.T.E. chemicals provide fast heat-reducing and highly efficient fire extinguishing characteristics, to put out a fire in the shortest period of time,and enter the fire scene to remove hazardous objects; meanwhile, its PH neutrality will not result in corrosion to ammunition.

Hotel Protected content , 3, 6, kg)D.T.E. portable fire extinguishers come in a whole series of sizes, can being stalled to suit different needs in different hotels. Besides, it may be used with a smoke mask to help personnel escape.

Mass transportation Protected content , 3 kg)D.T.E. portable fire extinguisher equipped on all types of mass transportation vehicles will enhance safety to passengers and equipment.Meanwhile, because of its easy operation, passengers of all ages, both males and females, can operate it and help put out a fire.

Apartment, dormitory Protected content , 3, 6, 9kg)In densely populated buildings, such as dormitory and apartment, D.T.E.portable fire extinguisher, because of its lightweight and easy operation,when used in combination with a smoke mask, can provide safe personal escape protection equipment to help successful escape from the fire scene.

Household kitchen Protected content . portable fire extinguisher can control a fire within a minimum period of time, to prevent a kitchen fire from spreading. Meanwhile, it is light weight, easy to operate, so it can be easily operated by people of all ages.

Automobiles Protected content . portable fire extinguisher is a patented low pressure container, so it will not cause the risk of explosion even under high heat inside anautomotive in the summertime, so it is quite suitable for use on auto mobiles.

Large vehicles Protected content – kg)D.T.E. portable fire extinguishers can produce optimal fire fighting effection vehicles, and can be operated single-hand in an emergency. So it is quite suitable on large vehicles travelling long distances on the highway.

Motorcycle Protected content . 250ml portable fire extinguisher is the smallest size of all models currently available on the market. Its body will not cause explosion even when exposed to extremely high heat under the sun. It is suitable for fire safety requirement on motorcycles or small individual person carriers.

Yacht Protected content , 3.6kg)D.T.E. portable fire extinguisher is quite suitable for a yacht that is loaded with many combustibles. It has the effect of reducing heat, extinguishing fire and inhibiting re-combustion at an initial stage of a fire.

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