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Farewell (Jeddah)

Dear Jeddah Community,

It's been a long time that you've heard from me,sorry, but the last weeks have been quite challenging. My family and I will be leaving Jeddah next week on a final exit visa as I have resigned from my current position for personal reasons. We will be returning to Germany and will then start planning the future.

I had a great time here in Jeddah and I have tremendously enjoyed my role as Ambassador of this community. Unfortunately I have not been successful in organizing events recently. We had everything lined up for a wonderful party with live music in a local restaurant / lounge but the place became unavailable due to 'specific circumstances'. In November we basically had planned the same party event at a private residence in one of the compounds but then the number of non-resident guests for all events has been restricted to 20!

Anyway, I hope my successor will have more luck. On the positive side we have a number of Activity Groups and participation has been very encouraging, so a big compliment to all Group Consuls, you are wonderful!

A big thank you to all of you and I hope to see you again, as you know you always meet twice in life! Take care and all the best to you!


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