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Internations get-together 27th July/next event (Jeddah)


WOW!!!!!!!! What an awesome night last night!!! Thanks to those who came and made it something really special. I had an absolutely terrific time meeting all of you and it was just a rocking night. Again, feedback is always appreciated, as long as it constructive.

I am aware there were those of you who couldn't get in at the door because you'd just missed the 9 o'clock deadline. I have received your emails/calls and understand totally that these things happen, so please don't worry. However, I'm pretty sure there were some naughty individuals who didn't bother turning up at all. I will be getting the names from the venue and contacting these individuals personally.

The next event will either be on the 18th or 25th of August and will be an Iftar dinner. ALL are welcome to attend. Further details soon.


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