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Internations Iftar 2016 (Jeddah)

Ramadan Kareem, I hope you are doing fine. and i hope your family is doing great as well.
So, we have planned an Iftar night for you, National Event organized as a Joint event by the Foodies Group, Volleyball group and the Weekend Retreat Group.

I Cordially invite you to our event, enjoy and have a pleasant night. Details of the event can be found on the Start page of Internations. and the Amount for the Iftar can be handed over to either Consuls,
Me (Consul, Foodies/Weekend Retreat Group): Protected content
Prince Nouri (Consul, Volleyball Group): Protected content
Ahmed Jabry (Consul, Coffee Talk Night): Protected content
Abdullah Ashi (Consul, Hiking/Foodies Group): Protected content
Mohammed Alamoudi (Consul, City Trotters Group): Protected content
Abdul Azeem (Consul City Trotters Group): Protected content
Mohammed Naeem: Protected content

I can guarantee you will love this place and will never forget the day.

Okay then, See you at the event Inshallah.
Ramadan Kareem,
Consul Risham. C

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