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Move or not to move? (Jeddah)

Dear All
Me and my family are considering a move to Jeddah. We are Hungarian, but have been living in the UK for more that 3 years now. My husband is a doctor so myself, however more junior.
I am wondering whether you can help me. I understand women are n
Banned from driving outside compounds, that is fine, I can always have a driver, is that right? In that case - can I take my kids to school
(they are 5 and 7) if the driver is taking us? Can I leave the compound on my own with a driver (who is likely not going to be a family member).
I would be grateful for your advice.
And just the usual questions- you who are there, do you like it? What does life look like for an expat European family with two children?
Thank you in advance.

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