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Moving from the UK: Education and Schooling (Jeddah)


My husband accepted a teaching job at Jeddah Knowledge School and I have also been offered a post. We have two children: the youngest will attend JKS, but they don't have facilities for my age 16 boy who is about to start his A levels in the UK.

4 questions:
1. I have been told that the Saudi authorities won't allow him into the country as he is over Protected content this correct?
2. If he is allowed to come, which school would be the best in terms of sports facilities for him?
3. Which are the best programmes to follow for a UK expat ... the American or IBAC???
4. Also what are waiting lists like to get into these schools??

Obviously, I'm not going to accept the job if I can't get my kids into the right school for them so I'm pretty anxious to find an answer to this quickly.



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