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people start to talk! (Jeddah)

okay well, i'm so bored and i got on this site for like weeks and so far i didn't really see something makes me says "wow i wanna be a big part of this site" people start to talk!.
alright i will start first "to encourage" you to talk...well i just got that word from someone *winks* lets encourage people to join internations mhm yep yep, so i'm gonna share you all some of my stories, not big interesting but hey lets shake things here.

me and my friend (Mohammed Jamal) just done with college and we needed something to eat so, we went to Emmy's to get breakfast (Emmy's is small place sells sandwich and coffee, it's only server drives and takes so long to make a sandwich..), we ordered two Fajita and two Pepsi (just for you note the sandwich doesn't taste that good but it full stomach) so while we were waitting for our order there were a car just came behind us and he was waitting us to get our order (he didn't see us ordering so keep this in your mind Protected content passed and we were still waitting for our order, the guy who works there got out from his place to see what that guy wants, he only ordered one bottle of the guy just brought him one and it didn't take long (that dude is out of his mind there were supermarket called "meed" close from him and he was waitting for us to get our order..) so he drove next to us and opened his car's window, we thought he wanted to ask about something so we opened the window, he said with huge smile " i thought you two ordered so i was waitting for you two to get your order", we didn't really get what he said so we were like nodding, then he closed his car's window and drove away, me and my friend were looking at each other with no clue what he meant then my friend said "but we did order!?" and i said "yes we did!?" we figured...he meant that we were blocking the way for no reasons... so we got angry coz we didn't respond to him but then we laughed in few secs after few mins we FINALLY got our order and went to my house to eat.


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