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There MUST be a way!??!! (Jeddah)

My husband was offered a job as a teacher in Jeddah and was told they could could fly him out earlier (May) to get his Iqama rolling, making it easier for me to join him come end of August. He signed the contract. NOW, they are not answering any questions regarding my visa! My husband emailed someone at the school who is saying that it will take between Protected content before I can join him (they said max. 6 weeks before!!). So if he starts end of August I may not see him until February next year?!

We are newly weds so even the idea is making us feel ill.

What are his options? He says he just won't board the plane for Jeddah if this is what will happen, despite signing the contract.

Does anyone know of the ways that I can join him at the end of August?

Please help,

Kind regards,


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