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Why jeddah such become boring ? I'm curious (Jeddah)

During the past years i've been trying to leave this place i traveled many times but couldn't find a chance to work aboard !

Then i said to my self try to enjoy here
I've been doing restaurant tours , hotels tours , resort tours

But i dont know why i still didnt find something really make you fell that you're enjoying

( Jeddah become boring )

Summary list for the places i really liked it from the tour

- Restaurant
( Breakfast | American Corner )
it's not perfectly american but still give you a different mood of the outside listening to the american classic radio !

( Launch | Baytoti )
I like the asian food and i guess this the most perfect , clean one

( Dinner | Steak house )
i like the diner and you always see foreginers out there and always busy and even the food is perfectly done

- Hotels
( Park Hyatt )
it was the most beautiful experience i had in this city it's totally a different world inside this hotel

Jaccuzi looks like a mansion

Landscape inside the spa with football stadium , tennis court and sidewalk beside the beach

Tha marina wich is full all the time

The place was like a peaceful luxury forest and it was worth every penny i paid

( Intercontinental Jeddah )

Best swimming pool in the whole city i guess ! the suite comes with a beautiful balcony of the red sea

Place is 10/10 but not as perfect as park hyatt

a Bit expensive but the place absolutely worh it

- Resorts
( Durrat Al-Aroos )
Full of dumb and they're always making fights for girls in the marina
i cant remember one time i came there and i wasnt in a middle of a fight

( Al-Nakheel )
Maybe the best for now ? perfect with the family
peaceful place not to much madness like Al-durra

( Crystal )
It's a beautiful place but since the rent there is annualy it explains why it's empty most of the time

and if you try to do something stupid the place is full by saudi's prince ( That's what i've been told )

And I never been into a compound since i moved here so i guess this is the missing part in my tour

I just wanted to share my experience here in jeddah !

Let's all share our beautiful experiences in here , I'm curious about how you guys have fun here ?

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