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Your letters of 'Too Much of a Good Thing' Needed (Jeddah)


Do you feel too much? Or/and, been told so? Or, on the other side of the pendulum, are you the telling party to someone? As in:

- You are too good for me, deserve a better girl/guy.

- You are too qualified for our opening position, good luck in your future endeavors.

- You are too beautiful/handsome to be best friends, i am intimidated or better yet jealous. (this one goes in thoughts of course)

- You, the gal, are too blonde, too curvy, and/or dolled-up, you, the pal, are too athletic with all that muscle bulked up to be intelligent and smart.
(all odds against Madonna, Sharon Stone, and Dolph Lundgren a.k.a. Rocky's Russian boxing rival Ivan)

- You are too nice for this world.
(my favorite since wraps all that up:)

If you, at some point in life, felt and/or were told that you are too much of a good thing --as much contradictory it sounds as a statement-, please share with us. If you are the one thinking of someone 'too much', again, come share.

We are preparing a journal--to evolve into a book or blog- about this which will be grounded on the letters of the real life experiencers. If you want to participate in the work voluntarily, your are in with us :)

P.S. In this high-tech, all wired-up, fast-food, boxed-in, Speedy Gonzales urban life we live, snail mail might kick in our slow'n'sentimental nostalgia over e-mail. You can scan your hand-written, care-given letter. Let's give it a try ;) Or, you can always go with e-mail if it feels more comfortable.

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