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Anyone for a High School Exchange Program? (Jersey City)

Hi everyone!

I’m working in a private French high school (Catholic : Lazarist / Vincentian) in Istanbul Turkey and I would like to create a new exchange program with an American high school. We’ve got already several exchange program with many French, German and Greek, but it will be nice to work also with American. Someone know a school for exchange ?

Also I will give you some information about the exchange:

It will be the first time we are involved with exchange program with American we had already many exchange program with France, Germany or Greece and we were received by Cambridge University two times.

Exchange program can be for 10 days each time (Total 20 days : our visit and their visit).
We can come during our vacations means: 18th of January to 08 of February or 18th of April to 4th of May Protected content . And we can also book a convenient date for the American students.

Usually 10 to 30 students participate at the exchange program, for the first one, I recommend 10 or 15 students with 2 or 3 teachers.

Our High School is french so the exchange can be in French and/or English.

We can choose Protected content 15) Turkish and American students and they can get in touch by email. Then, the first group go to other country and participate at different program which will organized by the school (touristic and pedagogical program) during the day time, then at night time student are suppose to be in Home-stay in a Turkish or American family, they will all be by Protected content - 1 Turkish). And in the third time, the other group come to Turkey or America and the same...

Accommodation for the American teachers will be in our school, They will have a private room with private bathroom. I live also close to the school so they can join me at any moment. Our high school is very famous and well located, close to the Galata Tower in the European side and all the historical monument.

About the fees, we will provide to the American group breakfast, lunch, dining, airport shuttle, monument entrance, etc... So except for flight and our reception they don’t have to pay or organize anything.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.


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