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Live Jazz (Jersey City)

Hello Everyone. Joseph here. I live in Jersey City, and I am new in town. I like Jazz music. Smooth Jazz gets me, no matter the time of day, nor my schedule. It's my favorite genre of music. The saxophone is my favourite instrument too; unfortunately I don't play, but I consider it the best musical instrument there is, certainly the sexiest.

Now, that's enough of that.

I tried looking up Jazz bars/clubs in Jersey City, and I only got a handful of results. About 2, in fact. They all seem to be in New York City.

Am I searching wrong? Are there places here in Jersey City, or nearby, eg. Hoboken, Union City, etc, where I could enjoy a good night of live jazz music over some food/drinks? Or would you suggest I go to NYC, if that's what I'm looking for.

Your suggestions are most welcome. Thanks, in advance.

Best regards.

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