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Forever homes urgently needed for Canaan pups (Jerusalem)

Dear Friends,
We URGENTLY need “forever homes” for recently rescued Canaan puppies. Please contact me with your phone number by private message. We easily can arrange for adoptions, we already rehomed several dogs in Jerusalem. The Canaan Dog is a mentally and physically stable and healthy dog, which is easy trainable and highly intelligent. It is a loving family member, good watch dog and loves times for playing and attention as well as times for itself. In some countries they are already used as therapy dogs. Despite their bad experiences, these dogs adapt quickly to freedom, respond immediately to love and, ultimately, make excellent house pets .

3 friends and I have recently formed the Middle East’s first rescue NGO-organization for the persecuted Canaan breed called CANAAN RESCUE JORDAN - MALATH. Under this name you can find us on FACEBOOK and more information about our work as well as photos. WE RESCUED recently 22 DOGS AT ALL AGES FROM 3 WEEKS TO Protected content OLD. We are in urgent need to re-home them to loving families. Being now at the very beginning we are paying for our rescues’ care from our own pockets and therefore will appreciate any donation to our account at National Kuwait Bank, Abdoun Branch, Protected content the name of Malath Jordan.
This breed suffers from all directions. Rejected by Jordanians as little more than vermin, targeted by the government with sniper and poisoning campaigns (snipers are paid by the number of corpses they bring back) and tortured by children in the streets, whether by having acid thrown on them, their tails hacked to the base of the spine or their ears cut off with rough razor blades, with the puppies forced to eat their own ears to “toughen them up.”
We have found dogs left for days to die an agonizing death or left paralyzed in the streets when the bullets didn’t quite kill them, and still despite their sufferings, they proved to be great loving house pets.

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