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Shopping for household goods in Kabul and cutsoms

I am preparing for my move to Kabul in *gasp* only two weeks. I wondered there is a good place to purchase general household goods that are decent quality rather than shipping them over. I don't have the details on my housing assignment yet but don't expect to need a great deal. What I am likely to want are things like extra pillows, better quality sheets, a reading lamp, a small fan, etc. Any recommendations for finding those type of things in Kabul?

I also wondered if anyone would share experiences with things that they had trouble bringing through customs other than the obvious (weapons, alcohol, pornography, etc.). DHL says that you can ship over the counter medicines or batteries via there service, were those a problem in luggage? I have read the various statements posted online by the Afghan government and various embassies but they seem to contradict one another on some points.

Finally, any good or bad experiences in shipping some things from Dubai to Kabul if I do some shopping there on the way to Kabul?


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