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How to register a used car? (Kampala)

Hi, I haven't arrived in Uganda yet but I've negotiated to buy from another expat who is leaving the country. The car has UAM plates and they have been using for the past 16 months. What is the registration process to purchase a used vehicle in Uganda? I've looked on the internet but the Ugandan government is a little weak on publishing information online or I just haven't been able to find it. Specifically, I would like to know:
- what government agency regulates personal vehicle use and registration? I assume Ministry of Transport but nothing online has been helpful.
- will I need to get a package of paperwork from the ministry to complete as part of purchasing the vehicle and registering it with the government?
- do the license plate(s) stay with the vehicle or do I need to get new ones?
- does the car need to be inspected (safety certified, emissions test, etc) as part of registering new ownership?
- do I need to pay sales tax to the government on the purchase of the vehicle?

Thanks, these are a lot of newbie questions, appreciate your help!


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