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** INTERNATIONS EVENT ** what would you like? (Kampala)

Hi Everybody, Last night we decided it is high time to organise a real internations event again. This time I will be organising it with Farah and anyone else who would like to join our impromtu committee :). Now my question is, what would you guys like???

Ofcourse we can come up with something ourselves but please let me know if you have any prefferences regarding time, day of the week, location, theme/no theme, maybe a raffle or something like that for a small entry fee? I mean anything is possible! Ofcourse I am not guaranteeing that we can meet all prefferences but I will guarantee we will keep them all in mind.

So what do you think; African themed dress code ball, international game night with a big prize, or a beach breakfast party in the zoo?? Hey I am just thinking here :P.

Hope to hear from you all!
Cheers, Suzanna

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