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Moving to Kampala

Hello All,

I am in the process of moving to Kampala and hope you can all help with a number of questions.

1. I will be working in Entebbe but plan to commute from Kampala due to access for children to school etc. I am not sure if anyone does this, but any advice would be appreciated.
2.With my commuting plans in mind are there any particular neighbourhoods that you would suggest living in. I am considering ISU and KISU as school options.
3. There is myself and 4 kids in the family, any suggestions on cost of living?
4. As a single mum I would like to move with my au pair from home. I am coming to Uganda on a UN contract, but I am not sure if anyone can offer advice on whether this is possible.
5. Can anyone offer advice on what things are hard to get or extremely expensive to get?

I am sure over the next few days I will have may more questions but I would really appreciate any insight from people who have already been through this and in particular anyone who works with the UN and may be able to offer some insight from that perspective.



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