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Our Just Shoes Initiative we started in Uganda will be giving out it's first shoes that we have been collecting this weekend. The purpose of this initiative is to help provide shoes to as many childen and adults as we can possibly find. It's alarming that with a 50% population under 15years and almost 40% not having a pair of shoes, we can assume all is well. Together with a few chaps, we want to put shoes on as many feet as we can. We are encouraging people out there that can provide us with shoes and I mean just shoes to get on board. New, old, whatever size, just something you think you can give to someone out there. we are interested in children's shoes between Protected content but will take whatever we can get. Volunteers are welcome to help us deliver and any ideas or advise will be appreciated. call Protected content Protected content any help, donation of shoes or advise. For updates on our shoe give out this weekend, please check out our facebook page; JUST SHOES initiative or email us on Protected content

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