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Disadvantaged Disable Persons (Karachi)

Saharo Welfare Organisation is a community based, charitable and a non profit Registered Organization in Pakistan. As a non ethnic and a non religious organization we strive to build up peace and co-existence among the communities at national level.Saharo is Colliborating Partner of Pakistan Medical Association and Member of many National and International Organisation. Being a national NGO, SAHARO has acquired vast local knowledge and the sensitivity to ensure that our activities benefit those that are targeted as we are in constant interaction with the Government, the private sector, other NGOs and community-based organizations, we have built-up a strong network and local as well as international support. Saharo is engaged with Health, Education, Community Development, Women Empowerment, Poverty and Disable Persons Projects in Rural areas of Sindh Province of Pakistan.

With the technical and moral support of our Colliborating Partner, Pakistan Medical Association a Survey was conducted in five villages of Ranipur District Khairpur of Sindh Province to know and meet the grevencies, difficulties and problems of Disable Persons in the area.

Indeed, the living conditions of Girls and Boys with disabilities in the area is extremely pathetic. Our legislatures must do some soul searching and ensure that people living with disabilities enjoy the same rights as able-bodied people. In this area of Sindh Province, people live below the line of poverty. In Pakistan a disable person is unable to get all the facilities which Pakistani law provides until he has a certified proof of disability. Bad luck is that in our country a person who is right has to face difficulties to prove that he is right. In Pakistan this certificate is being provided by the district assessment board in every district head quarter hospital. Saharo has prepared a list of twelve disable persons who face lot of difficulties to pass their lives due to poverty and unavailability of other sources. They badly need our attendtion and help, These twelve registered Disable Girls and Boys urgently need Wheel Chairs and financial support. Your Organisation is doing a lot for Disable Persons globally, we take this opportunity to request you to please come forward and help them. Wheel Chairs and financial aid will be helpful to reduce grevencies, pain and difficulties of Disable Persons and their Parents and Relatives. If we manage, it will be a golden cause. Following is our urgent need:

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We hope our request will receive your sympathetic and favourable consideration. Saharo will organize a Workshop in the area and distribute Wheel Chairs, Financial Aid to twelve already registered Disable persons in the presence of Community Members, Press and Rural Activists.

Mehtab Qureshi
Saharo Welfare Organisation
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