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Mental Health Emergency & Human Resilience Lawyers (Karachi)

MentalHealthPakistan.Org — Optimizing BRAINS — Accredited MINDS For The Present Tense “Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics Drug & Psychotropic Substances Abuse Inpatient / Intensive Outpatient Detox & Rehab House, Addiction Denial Behaviors Counseling For Change, Effects of Serious Psychiatric Illnesses On Felony / Misdemeanor Offenses, Forensic Mental Health Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Family Inclusive Interventions in lieu of Convictions and A Centre of Back Channel Diplomacy”.

Advocate High Courts
Skype @ pakanduaelawyers
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Director-Pakistan Khair For Families, Australia.
Leveraging Technology to Become the Urgent Care Model for Behavioral Health.
Pakistan's Leader in White Collar Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment @ Workplace.
(Arbitrator, Counselor @ Rehab, Back Channel Diplomat, Adjunct Faculty Correspondent, Criminological Interventionist and Consultant Attorney @ Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres for Victims of Torture).

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