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InterNations Khartoum Event Discussion

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow InterNationers in Khartoum :)

We've all seen the events other InterNations communities in the world are enjoying, and yep we have a lot of catching up on the fun and interaction to do. Don't you just envy them?!

Well it's our turn to make some noise.

As we plan our next event sometime in mid-May, we'd love to hear your ideas for the event, since this event is exclusive to you! Here are a few things you can let us know about:

What are some Venue suggestions? Within Khartoum or at a tourist site?
Should we have it themed? What should we call it?
What kind of catering should we have?
DJ or Band?
What kind of music?
Should we provide transportation buses?
Any sponsors you can get?
How can you help?

Anything that comes to mind shout it out. We'll keep this discussion running until we have everything set. Spread the word to your InterNations contacts, and lets get the party STARTED!!!

InterNations Ambassador, Khartoum

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