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Iqaama/residence visa process (Khartoum)


Hi all,

I would like to get some feedback on the iqaama requirements/process. I was the first international employee at my company, so it was new for us. I had my undergrad and graduate diplomas certified in the USA (3 cerfitications: state of Texas/USA/Sudan embassy), they were shipped here and delivered to the Sudanese goverment (I dont know exactly which division), then they requested my high school diploma, I said "I dont have one", then I had a discussion with high-level admin at my company and I received a 6-month (not the original 12-month) visa in 10 days.

So my questions are:
1) is the "certified higher education diplomas" the typical requirement that you have experienced?
2) We are hiring internationally now, not just US, so any feedback I can get, whether for Americans or otherwise, is helpful.


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