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Living in Khartoum

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a typical post from someone considering moving to Khartoum.

I am American, and would be bringing my Japanese wife and dual citizen daughter (2 years old). Basically, we know nothing about the city. I've read in other posts about safety, so I'll stay away from that subject.

What about transportation? I'd love to NEVER own a car for the rest of my life if possible. Buses? Trains? Taxis? What are the options?

Utilities - are they reliable? I've read on another website that blackouts are frequent. How is the quality of water?

Children - how do two year olds get on there? Are there troubles of adaptation?

Is there a Japanese community?

I've got a billion questions so I'll limit it to these for now. Hopefully we can talk more as the conversation(s) continue(s).

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