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event photos on facebook and on Internations page (Kiev)

I would like to hear your opinion about the quality and quantity of photos from Internation Events posted on this site and on facebook.
Some of the photos are from real bad quality or show members in unbecoming positions or simply unbecoming flash lights. Further more the photos are recently posted on facebook too, a platform many of us share not only with Internations community. Employer and colleagues can gain easy access and may interpret pictures of one wrong by seeing the other Protected content of which are 50% as just described. I think a few good photos show more about a good party than Protected content bad quality.
Please write your opinion. Should members and guests at Internations events be asked before photos are taken? Do you think it is OK to post Photos from our events on facebook where they can be tagged?
Before I wrote this I have talked to a few members who are not coming anymore to our events, because of the random photo documentation on fb.
To make our events more enjoyable, should we consider more privacy instead of "public relation" for our events on facebook?

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