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I wish everyone well, and have NO objectives (Kiev)


We have a condo near Kiev and we are curious about Kiev.
Today's news which my wife saw, and I read online, some from RT, some from CNN, and Reuters perhaps in Nederland. The Banderra in West Ukraine is tired of Porshenko and protesting to the effect of
"one cannot eat or live on nationalism or patriotism!" The E.U. states "gas prices are to be @ European level) for residential (flats and houses)" before they will give Kiev more money. Kiev is still to pay over $1 billion by Jan 1st. This was by Reuters NEWS today Dec. 9. It seems the gas prices DID NOT go up YET. Even if they cut RUSSIA out, the gas prices WILL DOUBLE! They paid part of the bill. My bill is $115 per month, I don't know where my gas comes from,maybe Texas. I only get $ Protected content month pension! Unless one works for CNN or is a football player 90% of the people work hard!

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