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Question about overstaying 90 day visa (Kiev)


I have a question about the rumours going around that it is possible to overstay your 90 day tourist visa in Ukraine and then simply pay a $40 USD fine upon leaving the country.

I was told this bit of recent information was posted by a Kyiv Expat group on Facebook recently (Spring Protected content ... I'm just wondering if anyone here can shed any more light on this and also tell me if the Ukrainian authorities would let someone back into the country after overstaying previously.

"An update on visas and fines. In case someone is interested. The fine for overstaying your 90 day limit is Protected content . No matter how long you have overstayed or which country you are from. Can be paid through a bank at the airport. It 'excuses' your Protected content and sort of cancels the whole fact of the overstay. They let you back straight away without questions and you have new 90 days. Each time you are leaving the country within this new 90-day period you should carry the bill for the fine you paid so that they know you are 'untouchable' for a while. Can be done unlimited number of times."

Thanks in advance for any recent information you can provide.

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