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Travelling around Ukraine (Kiev)

Dear all,

First a short foreword: I am a Ukrainian, who has recently tried the role of an expat in Kazakhstan for a little over a year, and has come back to Kyiv in November. While in Kazakhstan, I traveled immensely around the country/hiked in the mountains, traveled to Uzbekistan (because when else would I have an opportunity to do that in that cheap and fast way?;), and generally lived a much more active life than I have previously lived in Ukraine. I like to say, that while being abroad, I got rid of a "local citizen syndrome", which makes you stick to your routine, think that you will have time to do something active (like travel) later, etc. I usually took care of most of the itinerary and planned the trips by myself for a bunch of my new expat/local friends there, because I love planning trips and am usually good at it ;) I also learned that travelling/hiking whatsoever usually gathers the most fun/adventurous people together, I was lucky to get so many friends while doing it.

And now to the basics: I am currently trying to live a very active life here in Ukraine as well, and plan many weekend trips this year (especially during spring/summer/fall, when the weather is more "travel friendly"). I realise that for some of you it may be more challenging to plan because of the language, or maybe you're just looking for a company, or maybe you need a small push ;)

The possible destinations I plan to go to this year:
- hiking weekends in the Carpathians (sometimes shorter, sometimes maybe up to Protected content , with an overnight stay either in tents or in the hotels in the Carpathians) - there are dozens of beautiful destinations there
- Kamyanets-Podilsky (the fortress, the canyon near it)
- Chernivtsi
- Sofiivsky park/Uman
- Odessa
- my native Lviv
- Ternopil (the native town of my husband, there are also a bunch of fortresses around it and awesome caves)
- And hopefully some more

I would love to connect with those of you who are interested in such activities, and maybe do some of the trips this year together.
Let me know, if you are interested, and we'll figure out the next steps ;)


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