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Trip to Western Ukraine - Spa Hotel + Swimming + (Kiev)

Guys, this is going to be a very memorable event!!!

First of all, if you a city person and wary of adventurous trips to unfamiliar areas, I want to assure you that Carpathian Mountains area is safer than Kiev and people out there are very friendly, especially towards Westerners.

Consider it an eco tourism trip! Ecologically clean and beautiful mountains, rivers, and clean air.

If you are not into fishing, there's plenty of other activities:

1.Gym – no need to skip your workout routine
2.One lake is designated for swimming only
3.Spa procedures – you will be pampered. Massage prices start at 40 hrivnas ($5).

One lake is stocked with golden and other trout for fishing. Fishing gear will be supplied by the hotel for free (even though I suggest you have a backup plan). There's no fishing fee, but unfortunately you have to pay for the fish you catch (and keep – verifying that).

There are single occupancy, double, double improved, and premium rooms: 350, 400, 450, and Protected content per room respectively. There are only 15 rooms at this place. Ideally, we should fill them with Internations people!

Please let's make reservations as soon as possible! It's a very hot popular spot, and it fills quickly on weekends. Hotel rep said they have Internet and good reception cellular service in all rooms. I'm leaving Kiev Thursday night by train and will be returning on Sunday, but you can arrive or leave earlier/later. Currently, for Thursday only lux staterooms (on train) are available – what I would choose anyways. The price is Protected content – about $80. These are nice – I have traveled in those many times in Ukraine. These are 2-person only as opposed to 4-person staterooms (kupe or compartments). Cheaper ones have berths one over another sort of like bunkbeds )) If you drive, and have a large vehicle, email me. Please do as it would be a good option. If you are checking for tickets, and don't see any available, Protected content more often as tickets may appear and disappear and Protected content may need to buy a ticket to Lviv for an earlier train, have a layover in Lviv, and then board a connection train to the final destination place which is a short ride from Lviv.

If you haven't seen beautiful Carpathian mountains, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! And don't think too long! This is summer!!!

For details, please click on Groups, then on the kewest group ever InterNations Kiev Fishing, and then on this event. Click to sign up!

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