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What products do you miss from your home country? (Kiev)

hey everyone,

im moving to kiev in a months time, eeeek! :)

just wondering what products you struggle to get hold of over there so that i can stock up and bring them over for myself as my partner and i are driving to kiev(15 day honeymoon through 5 countries) from london in a transit van/mini bus.

also whats the postal system like? as i currently buy products from america and ship them to london as they have some really cool diet products there that we dont get in london, so im wondering if i will still be able to do that or if i should stock up now and bring them with me?

i look forward to hearing from you all :)

ps: if i am able to bring over a small/cheap product for you then i am happy to do it in exchange for a coffee and an introduction to kiev, be it at a houeparty/diner/coffee whatever....its one way of making new friends :)

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