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WHY so many "VIEWS" and "NO" replies ? (Kiev)


I don't bite ! I have a hard time learning about KIEV as the U.S. puts out
so much PROPAGANDA against Russia, and I am sure Russia may.
The BBC is a "puppet " of the U.S. also, and I tried EIN without much news. Anyhow, Kiev wanted cheap coal from South Africa and Poland. They got "nothing", no credit, money up front! Today's news showed a train bringing 50 tons of coal from Krasnoyarsk , and Kiev paid $178 million to Gazprom. Both sides need to work things out and quit the shooting. NO ONE would invest in Ukraine like it is,"Would You?" Also, anyone who can get their money out of the bank IS. WE have PLENTY of troubles in the U.S. with Arabs, blacks, Mexicans, poor, and American oligarchs trying to rule the world. The CIA is advising the Kiev gov. ,"WHY would they do that?" Figure this out for yourself, suicides in Greece, and Lithuania, (just what I read) God help them. Anyone post about Kiev, feel free, I don't use bad language, I'm not a flag waver. Take care all. Mike near Chiago

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