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Transport and accomodation in Kinshasa

Hello everyone!
My name is Grace,I live in the UK and I'm planning a trip with my colleague to kinshasa in august for 3 weeks!I have a couple of questions and any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
*I need a flat for a 3 weeks stay for 2 girls in a safe area.I have been suggested to go for Gombe or Macampagne,but really anywhere that is clean and safe is fine for us(bear in mind we're 2 girls not familiar with the area,easy access to city centre is important).Any suggestions?what kind of prices should we expect to pay...
*I am aware that public transport is not reliable?Any suggestion as to where we can hire a car+driver for our 3 weeks stay?(We'd rather not drive ourselves)Again how much is that going to cost?We'll need a pick up from the airport as we arrive in kinshasa on a saturday at 7 am
*Is there any good gym that you can recommend?Do they require a monthly membership?Or is it safe to go for a jog early in the morning and late evening
*Any good suggestion for weekend trips in the outskirts of kinshasa?
Again any suggestions to enjoy our stay would be much appreciated!
Many thanks

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