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Considering moving to Poland (Kraków)


This is going to be a fairly long and detailed post as I'm actually very serious about moving, but the possibility of it happening doesn't seem likely.

I'm a 21 year old male;
have 2 associates degrees (1. web design - 2. web development);
I've never had a job that's a paid a yearly salary;
I've worked part-time as a waiter;
I was born in Houston, Texas;
I speak only English

For about a year or two I've been wanting to move from the US. I want to get out before the economic and social collapse - before it's too late to leave the country. I'll be leaving all my friends and family (however, I refuse to leave without my dog!) and starting a completely new life in a country that's a 15 hour flight and $ Protected content trip) away.

I've already started my Rosetta Stone lessons for Polish. I figure it's unrealistic to try and move to a new country and expect everyone to conform to me. So, I'm learning!

Now, on to my questions.

1. Which city is the best for me? I need something that is/has:
Protected content effective (No areas where the apartment rent is over Protected content per month)
Protected content and cultural significance (I want to be somewhere that has beautiful cathedrals, old shops, and I do prefer that "renaissance" style look)
Protected content economy for someone looking to work (I doubt I'll move any sooner than in Protected content , but even with savings I need to be somewhere that I can make enough money to support my apartment and eating out as well as drinking)
Protected content party life (This isn't a requirement, but it would be nice)
Protected content flow of internet (If I find a job there in my degree field or can manage to support myself as a free-lancer, I ABSOLUTELY need speed efficient and steady internet)

2. How many times should I visit before moving?

3. What route should I go to attain residency, citizenship, and/or permits?
Protected content don't have relatives that live in Poland or were born there
Protected content the work permit, it seems like it's harder to get than it really is. Because honestly, my degree is specific, but it's not like I have a masters degree. By the time I move, I'll be able to speak Polish, but it will take years to speak it fluently. I was more or less planning to just move there and get a part time job until I found a job in Web Design. But the problem is it seems that in order to move I need a work permit. In order to get the work permit I have to find an employer, get hired, and have them work on my behalf to help me attain it before I come.
Protected content someone point me in the right direction for this? And are there guides for which documents you need, papers filled out, etc, etc?

I was doing some calculations and here's what I came up with.

US minimum wage: $7. Protected content zlotys)
At 40 hours a week, that's $ Protected content zlotys)
$290 for 4 weeks is $ Protected content zlotys)
1bed, 1bath, Protected content apartment with all the amenities is between $ Protected content zlotys)
I'd compromise and find something in the middle, around $ Protected content half of my monthly income (not including utilities, food, etc.)

Polish minimum wage: 2.89 zlotys Protected content
At 40 hours a week, that's 115.60 zlotys ($37.33)
115.60 zlotys for 4 weeks is 462.40 zlotys ($150.09)
1bed, 1bath, Protected content apartment with all the amenities is between Protected content ($259.66-$649.16)

As you can see, it appears in Poland I'll make about half what I need in a month to just pay for my apartment. Either I got the wrong minimum wage or I'm going to have to save a lot of money before I move.

Any information or advice is very welcome.


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