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Advice 2 all of u friends (Kuala Lumpur)

OK, this sounds twilite, but will save u good deal of money....N save the planet,
Its from my electronics hobby era experience:
If u have any rechargeable gadget(video camera, small camera, cell fone, shaving machine, portable entertainment, emergency charge lamp,...etc)
Sometimes it s a gift u never used, or never needed, so u left it to pickle in the closet...
Please do not leave it without charge and discharge for more than 4 months..The reason is rechargeable battery has a chemical mix inside; that mix will dry n solidify, causing ur gadget 2 die..
Take it out every 3 months and fully charge it, then use it until discharged fully , then u can store it again. Do this once better every 3 months if u want 2 keep the gadget alive.

1- All rechargeable batteries must be fully charged and discharged every 3 months once or twice.
2- For some gadgets, a replacement battery is not sold in the market anymore, when battery is dead, then nothing can be done..( u can ask 4my help; I may try 2 find a replacement 4 it, but since I do these things 4 free on my spare time and when i m not gazing at the sky, u hav 2 wait)
3- some gadgets have a smart battery with a microchip inside, this will need a surgery to shift the chip from older 2 substitut battery..better throw the hol thing.

So to avoid all ths noise, simply charge and use once in 3 months...
Thanks 4 reading,
Tonite KL sky is clear w lovely young moon, back 2 gazing...

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