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Aston Kiara, i-Zen or Verve Suites (Kuala Lumpur)

Hey Everyone,

Trying to figure out where i'm going to live (4 days here so quite green and wet behind the ears), trying to decide from my short list. I

f you live(d) in any of these places would be really great to get an understanding what its like there (both pros and cons), I prefer the 'no holds barred' type of feedback so PM me if you feel more comfortable.

Here's my first impressions
Aston Kiara - best value but feels kinda a tad isolated and quiet (50% occupancy rate the agent told me...)
i-Zen - excellent location, not overly excited with the furniture but its okay
Verve Suites - Excellent floor plan, furniture and facilities though its a tad expensive by comparison. I'm leaning towards this out of the three but the second bedroom is also a single, and the bed is built good luck to me trying to rent the spare room out :(


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