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Best visa for a family moving to Malaysia? (Kuala Lumpur)

Let me introduce myself. My name is Leoncio Sobrino. I’m a Mexican citizen, and I work from my home for an American company as a software developer. My wife is a Software Engineer specialized in SAP (although she did quit her job when our son was born). We have a 6-yr old boy, who is in school finishing the kindergarten education (next year he should start Primary School).

We had the chance to visit Malaysia 2 years ago, as we have Mexican friends who moved there more than 8 years ago.

We absolutely fell in love with the country! It has so many things to do, places to visit, people to meet, that we started thinking about moving there as well. The time has come, and we have made our minds to go live in KL!

I have been searching information regarding the visas we would need to get in order to move to Malaysia. My friend who lives there mentioned me the MM2H program, so I went and check the requirements in their website. Then she told me she had found a forum where they mentioned a visa option related to the “Labuan companies”. And then I found and joined the InterNations (IN) forums, where I found information about getting other type of visas. I do have a job in the US (which I can certainly prove if need be), so I’m not looking for a job in Malaysia. My wife is thinking about going back to work in the near future, so she would be getting a job in Malaysia once we get there and settle down. And my son would be studying in a school there.

I know that all of this sounds familiar to many of you, as each person has “unique” or “special” situations in regards to getting a visa, but does anyone here know what the best way to get our visas would be? I think right now we have these options:

1) MM2H program: this one is nice, but to be honest, we don’t fill the economic requirements in regards to the “liquid assets” part.
2) Labuan company: I’m not sure I have totally understood how this would work out for us. As far as I understand it, we would have to create an offshore company in Labuan in order to get certain type of visas. Although it looks like this option also requires to full fill some other government requirements.
3) Student visa + Guardian visa: I found a thread here in IN about a person who had a similar situation to ours, and it looks like he was able to go this way. I think this method would work, just want to be sure about it.

And as many of you know, we do have a lot more questions, regarding where to live (what the best areas for expats are), what school would be the most appropriate for our son, what services are the best, etc. But I don’t want to overflow this thread, so I’ll just post our visa question here, and leave the rest for later.

Any information or comments would be sincerely appreciated. Also, if you think I need to provide further details about our situation, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance.

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